Sunday, September 11, 2005

some thoughts on the anniversary of 9/11

Hello, all,
I can once again log onto the blog, once again thanks to Laurel.
Have been having copious computer related difficulties, but I
guess that's all part of the education process.
It's 9:52 AM on 9/11/05 as I type this. As one who was in
Manhattan on that fateful day 4 years ago, I have a few thoughts
to share about tragedy raining down on The Capitol of the World
out of a clear, blue summer sky, and I guess this is as good a
place as any to share them.

Here are 2 brief pieces.

Pardon my politics.

I look forward to our continued cyberspace interactions, and hope
this finds you all well.

In 2001, our president took the month of August
to vacation in Crawford, TX.

During that month, briefings stating "Bin Laden
Determined To Strike U.S." and that terrorists
were "planning to fly hijacked planes into
skyscrapers" went unheeded.

The rest is history.

Today, in New York, there is much rancorous debate
about a proposed memorial to the victims of a tragedy
that could have been prevented.

Such a memorial would be superfluous, in my opinion.

We already have a timeless reminder that lives are
lost when warnings are ignored.

It is New Orleans.
---Don Stitt

an opinion
by Don Stitt

The president has called the United States Government's response to
the tragedy in New Orleans "unacceptable."

I concur.

It is unacceptable that this president's federal budget has, for the
last three years in a row, denied New Orleans the minimum funding
they knew they needed to modernize and fortify the levees which
breeched, which resulted in the entire city becoming flooded.

It is unacceptable that this was done despite government reports
which predicted precisely how this sort of situation might unfold in
the event of a hurricane, and despite foreknowledge that Katrina
was likely to hit New Orleans with Category 5 force.

It is unacceptable that we lacked a National Guard that could
respond in a timely, effective fashion, as their presence in
Iraq, (a nation we invaded contrary to international law, and
on the basis of blatantly false evidence,) precludes them from
protecting Americans within our own borders sufficiently in the
event of such a catastrophe.

It is unacceptable that this president has logged in more
vacation time in just over 4 years than Ronald Reagan,
(a world-class vacationer himself,) logged in over his 8
years in office.

It is unacceptable that this president could refer to his return
to work as "cutting short his vacation," when this vacation
still provided him 200% more time off than the average American
receives in a year.

It is unacceptable that the president should make such a weepy,
exploitive, "I feel your pain" photo-op of the tragedy, when he
himself had the power to prevent the degree of tragedy which has
befallen one of our most beloved and historic cities.

And it is unacceptable that the mainstream media continues to allow
this president to shame us in the eyes of the world by their collective
failure to ask hard questions such as, "If we can get clean drinking
water to Tikrit, why can't we do the same in the Big Easy?"

Yes, Mr. President, the government's response has, indeed, been

Harry Truman used to keep a sign on his oval office desk which read,
"The buck stops here."

Our government's ability to respond in times of crisis will continue to
be "unacceptable" as long as your administration fails to accept
responsibility for it's own short-sighted and inept policies.

Because that failure to accept responsibility is, in and of itself,

And that's a fact you're simply going to have to accept.


carmen palmer said...

sadly, i agree with everything you've said about george w. (mr. president) and our sad state of affairs as a result of his unfortumate election as our commander-in-chief. we are in very strange times.

ACW said...

I echo your sentiments. Being in the insurance business now, I've been deep into pre, during, and post hurricane events.

I'm sure many of us were also thinking about that Enron movie over the past couple of weeks....