Friday, May 27, 2005

Greetings from Pittsburgh

Hello, blog readers. I'm not entirely sure how this thing is going to work... I guess we can all post on here? That's pretty cool...

Anyway, I hope that those who read this won't judge my writing abilities by how I write in this "blog." I always write in a very conversational style, somewhat ignoring grammar rules and the like when I'm typing in a blog-type environment. I think it makes it more personal that way. So if I have a comma out of place or a misspelled word, please don't think me less of a writer.

So! I am 23 years old. I graduated from Mercyhurst College (Erie, PA) just about a year ago with a bachelors degree in Music Education. I love music very much, and am (in my humble opinion) a pretty darn good oboe player. However, I've always loved to write, and am looking to combine my love of writing with my love of music to write books for/about music and musicians and even some non-music related things as well. I had a blast writing for the Mercyhurst school newspaper, and got a great response with my articles, so I'm really hoping to sort of be able to do whatever I want with two degrees. The world is our oyster, is it not? (Hate to use a cliche, but it's true.)

I am very interested to get to know all the other people I'll be meeting at the residency and the like, so I hope everyone chimes in here and writes a bit.

So! That's about it from here... I'll be checking back often to see what everyone else has to say. Where is everyone from? What brought you all to be writers? What's the life story here? This is cool...

Peace, love, and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese,

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donald said...


Once upon a time, I had a band myself, "Don Dallas and the Continentals." That's right. It was l954, pre-elvis.We played the Danbury High School Sophomore Hop where tickets were 25 cents a couple. (and we were worth every penny)....

I'm retired now, and still play a bit of rock and roll guitar. And, recently, with teh help of my stepdaughters boyfriend who has a band, too, was able to put togetehr a little number called "Senior Rapp," which is a whole nother story.

I used to do quite a bit of news reportering, too, and still do some, with pretty response, so we do have some things in common.

My community enrichment, hopefully to be created and implmented wiht a cadre of young poeple and others, will hopefully be the developmenent and implementation of a course for college and pre-college kids, and their parents, about the challenge of alcohol and substance abuse heading their way on campus. I fear this subject too often is ignored and/or given shoddy treatment in the rush to get kids to get degrees.....

Your combination of music and writing is interesting, and I think with lots of interesting avenues to explore. Seems that words alone won't cut it, really, in today's communications cacophony.