Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Enrichment 101

I am doing an online writing course in the next month as part of my enrichment project. I will be running a six module course. The point or the mission of the course is to allow students to interact and work from their computer, as they feel time permits. The links and other reading aspects of the course are supplimental. If they want to read them all they can, but the module is enough to get them started. It is also a course to help older students segway into the computer as a tool for a writer. By taking this course they will learn how to post comments, use their email and communicate on line.

I posted a welcome, #1 and started #2 so everyone can get a feel for the course. If anyone has time - read it over, run through it and give me any feedback you might have. I would enjoy any and all input as to the structure, mode, links, and exercises. Don't be shy - my feelings won't be hurt - what doesn't kill me will make me stronger.

Creative Writing for Creative Minds
Thanks for all your input - Ron

Monday, August 29, 2005

Need any insights on business writing?

Just curious how everyone is doing? There was a flurry of blog activity, and then it calms down. So this is my attempt to get things going again!

Remember, for anyone out there who is looking at corporate communications and/or business writing as one of their genres, I'm happy to give any insight, thoughts, etc. for ideas, information, career coaching, etc. Just let me know either on the blog (someone else may find the topic interesting) or email me directly.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

God Bless Laurel Richards

If, indeed, this is successfully posted,
I should just like to say that I couldn't have
done it AT ALL without the help of Laurel Richards.
I hope you guys are all doing great. I am having
a lot of difficulty maneuvering through cyberspace
with my 1956 issue brain, but every attempt gets
a little easier. Just back from Scotland, which was fab,
and the WCSU kids did us proud with their 12th Night.
Have submitted a review to Danbury News-Times; let me
know if anyone happens to see it in the paper, please.
May you all enjoy the last days of summer.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Hi ya'll. I'm a little lost. My reading is okay... I'm still working on tracking down some of the books, but it looks like I don't need all of them immediately. I miss CT... that was a fun week. Um... not much else to say, so, uh, I'll duck out.

Peace, love, and big fluffy cats,

Books, Books, Books

I think stock skyrocketed in the last few weeks, given most of us probably did our ordering online. My dear husband has been retrieving the 23 books I reserved at our local library - another $80 worth from "the zon" have been arriving daily on my doorstep. At least while the weather is still nice, I can sit on the front porch, sipping java, and reading through...

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the final days of summer. We had a lovely time on the beach during our vacation - everyone got well-tanned and rested - the blueberry martinis were the best!

Did anyone else make the book bash last Saturday at Whitlock Barn? We got there later in the afternoon....nice to see some of the faculty there, hoped to see some of the "local" students but unfortunately....

Who has those pics from the final night?

Have a good one - ACW

Monday, August 22, 2005

Widow Maker Books

I was talking to a few students about their reading lists, and let's face it - we all love books, but I got the feeling we all have a few widow maker books, (books that are vast and may create a void in your life where people say - whatever happen to (insert your name here)...) on our lists and I was wondering if anyone had any good ones to share. I have Cloudsplitter by Russell Banks which I am really enjoying and although it is massive -- it is very endearing. I know someone had Tolstoy's Anna Karenina and someone had Don Quixote. Anyone else have tombs to read? Are they reading well? I read Anna Karenina a few years back and I really enjoyed it - but I had all the time in the world. And if Oprah's book club can read it then so can we. Let me know how the books are weighing in.

Ron --


well, if i won the lottery, which i never will, but i often dream about it, think about it, that kind of thing...i wont win because i dont play.

if i won, i would take a nap. first thing. after that, i would...i dont know, fix my bus? by my parents a new van? stay in school for as long as i could possibly could/can? even though i already will?

maybe get my own dog.