Monday, March 26, 2007

Blogging It Gets You "Ink"

Hello everyone. I hope your semester is going well.

One of my "blogging mentors" had suggested that I research blogs about work/life balance and start making postings to drive traffic to my own blogsite The Eclectic Writer and get more exposure. I decided to give it a go – and in about ten minutes wrote up a response for the Time magazine's Work in Progress blog by Lisa Cullen. I based my response on a workshop I was going to deliver over the weekend at the Women in Business Passing the Baton conference. My workshop was about taking the stress out of work/life balance.

Well, I received a very nice note back from Lisa the next day saying that what I wrote was so nice, she wanted my permission to post it in its entirety. So if you check out the link by clicking on Work in Progress and scroll to the bottom response, it’s mine – complete with a link to my blog when you click on my name!

The whole world of blogging is truly fascinating. It's starting to get a lot of attention -- Dave Barry has even taken time away from his column to spend more time on his blog. My "mentor" is encouraging me to try My Space. Not quite ready for that leap but I'm figuring it out!

Hope to see some of you at a reading soon!


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Lisa Cullen said...

Best of luck! You'll make a great blogger.