Friday, October 26, 2007

Miranda Film Review

Miranda Literary Magazine will be reviewing a film in The Outsiders of New Orleans: Loujon Press. Might make a nice holiday gift for someone on your literary wish list.

Louise “Gypsy Lou” Webb, now well into her nineties, tells the story of how she and her husband Jon Webb published the avant-garde literary magazine The Outsider from a small apartment in the French Quarter in the early 1960’s. By day Gypsy Lou sold paintings on street corner, and by night she set the type that introduced the world to the beat poet Charles Bukowski whose work Jon Webb also chose for their first two Loujon Press books– It Catches My Heart In It’s Hands and Crucifix in a Deathhand. The books are now rare collectibles, along with two others by Henry Miller, also hand-crafted and published by the Webbs.

Filmmaker Wayne Ewing, well-known for his three documentaries about the late Gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson, has a new film, The Outsiders of New Orleans: Loujon Press, premiering at the Starz Denver Film Festival November 11, 2007. DVDs of the one-hour film will be on sFale for Christmas at If you or someone at your organization would like to review the film, please advise to whom and where we can send a screener.

(This isn't our review, just a synopsis)

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