Saturday, April 05, 2008

Essay in the CSM

I learned this week that The Christian Science Monitor will publish an essay I wrote on the nature of being a "shoe guy," i.e., a guy who owns many pairs of shoes and is keenly aware of the shoes of others.
In the essay I discuss how I became a shoe guy, what it's like being a shoe guy and the pair that transformed me into a shoe guy.
A pub date is TBA.
The essay will appear in The Home Forum, which from what I can tell is wide open for personal essays. It pays decent too ($150)
Here are the guidelines:



NM said...


So, how many pairs of shoes do you own?

Anonymous said...
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Ron Samul said...

Good job - shows you have a lot of sole. Sorry.

ACW said...

I'm not so creative this evening...but congrats Dave!

DLowe said...

I'm not being insecure here, but I'm dying to know what you thought of MY shoes? I was sorta trying to communicate an off-balance casual elegance and that's why I didn't always polish them or wear them on the right foot. Snazzy brown Oxfords? You must have remembered them.

Lisa N. said...

Congrats Dave, that is great news!

carmen said...

Thanks for sharing this with us and congrats!