Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Closing on the Finish...

Round Three - Almost Done!
Here's my dining room table - showing the assualt of one semester's work. Congratulations to all of you who've made it
to the fourth and final round - Don, Nick, Kayln, Vonda, Marc, Fletch, and Kim! Everyone have a great summer and...keep writing!


DLowe said...

Geez, Kathy, thought that was MY table. Looks like we have the same decorator -- Ms. Lutsa Klutter.

Vonda said...

Hi Kathy. Looks like my bedroom toward the end of my thesis. I had only the edge of my bed in which to sleep. It didn't matter though I only slept for a couple of hours anyway.

Have a great summer too.

Laura H said...

Hi Kathy
Do you want to room together at the Summer Residency?
Laura Hayden