Thursday, June 03, 2010

Peer Workshops at August Residency

We're going to handle the Peer Workshops a bit differently this time. Rather than group you all into sections by genre, I'm going to throw the doors open and let you self-organize. Use the comments space under this post to discuss what you might like to do or discus in peer workshops, topics you might like to cover, organization by genre or subgenre or technical question or whatever. I'll have the time reserved on the schedule for you (two 3-hour sessions); you just need to decide how you're going to use that time and let Laurel know if your group is going to have any unusual needs in terms of technology, space, etc. So... have at it! Keep in mind that the incoming first-semester students have no frame of reference for this (maybe they will chime in here) and could use some guidance from some of the more seasoned students.


Jane K. Cleland said...

What I found most helpful last time was reading a bit of my play aloud, and hearing other people read it. Ditto to listening to folks (and Jim) read Jim's play aloud. I'd love to repeat that process. Any other playwrights or screenwriters who'd like to paricipate in that process? We each read/had read about 10 min worth of play/script. It worked smoothly, I thought. I appreciated the frank feedback.

debra said...

I'm interested in memoir and creative non-fiction.

Debra (Nickie) Thurston.