Monday, December 13, 2010

Peer Workshops at January 2011 Residency

As you did for the August 2010 residency, you will self-organize for the Peer Workshops . Use the comments space under this post to discuss what you might like to do or discus in peer workshops, topics you might like to cover, organization by genre or subgenre or technical question or whatever. You can also post a new blog entry with that information, so that others can comment and join.

There are two blocks of time on the schedule for the workshops (Wednesday and Friday afternoons, 2 ½ hours each). You just need to decide how you're going to use that time and let Laurel know if your group is going to have any unusual needs in terms of technology, space, etc. Keep in mind that the incoming first-semester students have no frame of reference for this, and need guidance from some of the more seasoned students (this was a comment in the residency evaluations).

Suggestions were also made in the residency evaluations that the Peer Workshops be led by a mentor, but that would render the sessions as traditional workshops and not peer-to-peer sessions. Any student is welcome to step up to be a leader of a peer group, however you wish to organize.


MJ said...

Hey all you poets (or those interested in working with poetry): I was wondering about doing a focused workshop on 1-2 poems each, working in specific detail.


Jane K. Cleland said...

Andy Alexander and I are on a hunt for our peer group from last Residency. Want to get together again?
Email me at

William Friskey said...

Anyone interested in being at the cool kids table--ie. the Maron bar crew--I have a proposition for you, but you have to email me at to hear it. This goes for my third semester friends (Broph, Gin, Mikey, Whitey), thesis broskis (Margaret, Razor) I don't know, I'm forgetting people, I know Jersey Mike's not going...anyway, you know the crew--email me, or facebook me, and I'll let you know what's up. Any NEW first semester kidiliwinks that are all nervous and stuff, and want a nice initiation, feel free to hit me up, too. We'll show you the ropes.

William Friskey said...

And Johnny Roach, too. It's not a party without Roche.

andrew alexander said...

Happy Holidays, safe traveling--See you at the bar.

Jane K. Cleland said...

Any new folks who want to join our group, you're welcome, too! Most of us write fiction (including genre fiction, i.e., mystery & thriller)... some playwriting... some memoirs. We read our work aloud and discuss it... it's great to hear how it sounds and to get listeners' immediate reaction. Interested?

Pro VK said...


I only know of me, you and Carolyn B who are pursuing poetry and I don't know if Carolyn is attending residency or not.

Still whether it turns out to be just you and I, I want to at least have our own two person workshop. I have a hard time concentrating on the whys and whatfors of other genres when I'm working in this one.



Pro VK said...

i'm making a new post at the top of the blog page