Monday, September 18, 2006

Posting Photos

Dave, Ron, Lisa,

If you guys have any advice on how to successfully post photos, please post your advice. A couple others are having trouble getting their photos posted.



Ron Samul said...

The two things that work for me is:

1) Check your browser. I find that using Outlook of Explorer doesn't work when uploading images to blogger. It might work for some but it NEVER works for me. I was Modzilla. That doesn't mean it will work, but it helps.

2) Most of the time, it is blogger having the problem. Check on the bottom of the screen and it will say something like: Waiting for Blogger Pictures - or something like that. Sometimes, you have to try it three or four times in a day.

And still - it often doesn't work. I've loaded 5 pictures in a row without a hitch, while other days I can't even log on to post.

Enjoy. RON

Antonia Schachter said...

If you go to the FAQ section in the blog, there is a way to download Picasa2, which is a web photo manager by Google. It has an automatic Blog this! linked directly to the eBlog. Download takes just minutes and then it will walk you through the process to upload the pics.

Also, if you upload pics on the web alot Picasa2 is great. I tried several times without Picasa2 with no results, this works fast and easy.


Anne said...

Here's something else that might help. Check the file name on your photo. If it is too long, or contains things like underscores, etc. you may have to rename it something simple, save it, and try again. This also happens when trying to post a pdf with a name that's too long. Also, sometimes it helps if the photo is not saved in jpeg format to resave it as such. For some reason, jpeg seems more user friendly when downloading to blogs and websites.