Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Kernel for a Fowl

Hello Everyone,

I must say what a delight it was to be with you all, fine creative minds, at the residency. It was a unique experience in my writing life.

As a way of an introduction to those who I did not get the chance to speak to or those who saw me just from the lens of The Blank Tape, a short story of mine was recently published at the online site, I present the link below for those who may want to read.

Mind you the story belongs to the unfortunate list of works written before Westconn MFA - before I heard Mark Sundeen talked about all literature as longing, someone wanting something he or she cannot have; about vulnerability as what will make readers care about your character; about illuminating society by creating universal feelings readers can relate to; and about the best dialogue being the one that reveals character without having the him know he is revealing character.

Good repose the while.


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DLowe said...

Good going Rudolph! That was nice to read. Congrats.