Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Miranda Literary Magazine / Openings and Internships

Nice to see everyone and meet the new students this semester. It is humbling and very exciting to be among such intelligent and creative people. Below is information about internship and other possibilities for working on Miranda Literary Magazine. Last semester, a student worked with on a small component of th magazine to enhance a course requirement. We can tailor the experience and your work skills to fit the needs of your course work and the needs of the magazine.

One project that isn't mentioned below is our creation of a yearly anthology of all the work from last year. We need an editor or editors to shape this project. It will eventually be an on-demand publication sold on the magazine.

Look at some of the ideas we have below. Some are marked with suggested tags to help you gauge the commitment level, but if you have a project idea that isn't here, let me know.

Miranda Literary Magazine is a growing online source for fiction, poetry, essays, articles, books, reviews, podcasts, and visual art. As you consider your enrichment project or your internship, consider working with Miranda Literary Magazine, or Miranda Films, as part of your work. We can tailor our needs to fit your course outline. If you are looking for two hours a week as a course supplement, or an internship opportunity, we can make it work. Areas of interest include, web editing, marketing, public relations, content and slush pile editing, promotional materials, and more. Below are some of the projects we need help in. If they don't interest you in your direct coursework, tell us what does.

I mention the length or scope of the some of these projects because of time commitments. Some are very extensive, some are interactive.

  • Links Editor - developing links and networking with other websites. (course supplement)
  • Editor's Blog Editor - further developing the editor's blog to make it more useful to promote the magazine and our contributors. (course supplement)
  • Contributors Director - creating a master list of all the contributors to the magazine and a brief bio. (internship)
  • Public Relations Manager - creating an email list of all our contacts, and writing press releases, news, and articles. Also must plan the best way to deliver this content i.e. email, postcards, events (AWP in New York), ect. Acting spokes person for the magazine.(internship)
  • Reading Board Manager - get more out of our reading board, from recruitment to reading submissions. How do we make the reading board members feel important?(Enrichment)
  • Sectional managers - work in dedicated sections to help the fiction, poetry, or arts sections with the work load. (course supplement)
  • Podcasting Director - creating a plan for recording, producing, and publishing podcasts out to our readership. (course supplement)
  • International Development Director - create a plan for attracting writers and artists from all over the world, engaging translators, and other outlets to find work that we can present from other countries. (enrichment)
Please feel free to contact with any questions or ideas. Carmen Palmer is also very active in our project development and she is a good source of ideas and inspiration.

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