Monday, July 14, 2008

Travel arrangements

Anyone who travels from out of state to the residency,

I'm a first semester student, and I'm debating whether to rent a car or take the shuttle from the airport. I'm pretty sure I'll be flying in to Hartford. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Adam said...

It depends on your preference. A good number of out-of-state/area residents have come w/o vehicles in the past and, in general, other students have no issues offering rides. Also, on the Westside Campus, discluding the nightly readings, the bulk of activities fall within walking distance. On the other hand, we get a fair amount of free time, and you may wish to go out on your own--to a store or to the Midtown Campus (which will be necessary for things like getting a student ID, talking to the Veteran's Affairs office, having a tete-a-tete with the registrar or bursar, or going to a decent library).

Personally, I'd get the car.


Laura M. said...

Hmmm...I am from New Jersey and I always bring my car. If you have never been to Danbury--it is beautiful and you may want to explore a little. I know I love taking drives and tend to spend my free time on little photography excursions. I also love taking a trip the Danbury Fair Mall to stock up on my Bare Minerals make-up. Haha.

Also, just wanted to give you a heads up...the westside campus does not have an address. I got SO lost last summer trying to find it. If using a GPS or getting directions, try getting directions to the Marron Inn & Suites (sp?) or the Stop & Shop that's located at the bottom of the hill. The campus is directly across from there at the stop light UP THE HILL!

See you in three weeks! :)

Fletcher Dean said...

Depends on where you're coming from. I drove it for three semesters - 12 hours away and loved having my own vehicle. Flew once and rented which was ok.

Consider Westchester County airport, tho. That's where I flew into. Might be cheaper and closer.