Saturday, August 08, 2009

Farewell, Danbury!

It was nice to be back in Danbury for a couple of humid days of zipping around town and being writerly and whatnot. Double thanks for the warm welcome given to Seth Fishman, who came out on Friday. Hope to see many of you again in January! (In CT instead of Cali in the dead of winter? What am I saying!)

Two bits before I jam. I'm pleased to announce that I've been nominated for a World Fantasy Award for my editorial work with Clarkesworld Magazine.

Speaking of work, those who enjoyed my reading of "Land Speed Record" on Wednesday, and who might want to experience that story again in the comfort of your own bathrooms, should pick up my collection You Might Sleep... which contains that story and twenty-one others, including a new novella. Sorry it wasn't at the residency on the book table, but these things happen.

The book was recently reviewed on one of the major science fiction sites, and I was called a writer who brings together social criticism, yucks and dark wonder in a way that refuses to limit what can and cannot be done in short stories.


DLowe said...

Was nice seeing you too, Nick. I've started reading your story collection, "You Might Sleep" and love it!

Ron Samul said...

Nice Job Nick,
I will put the cover on Miranda Magazine to drive some readers to the book. Look forward to reading it. Sorry I missed the reading. Be well. RON

Gwen Jones said...

Nick, I thoroughly enjoyed your reading. You were definitely the capper to a wonderful trifecta! (if I may say so myself!)


NM said...

And I enjoyed your mortgage erotica!