Thursday, October 15, 2009

All things good!

Well today I appeared on the live radio show "Meet the Author" with the gracious host, Harry Rinker. Thanks Harry! If anyone wants to hear a re-broadcast it will air on Sunday at 9:30 on 91.7 FM or on (I think I got that right)

Other good news....I am reading with my Vietnam veterans in New London on November 1 at a gallery called Expressiones. I believe that begins at 1:00 but will confirm in case anyone wants to come out.

I am also reading with the Veterans on November 11th at 5:30 at Bru Cafe on Orange St in New Haven. This event is a fundraiser for "The Homefront." The Homefront is Columbus House's Veterans Transitional Housing Program that will provide housing and support for 14 veterans returning from the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They must raise another $110,000. So I was asked to be the featured reader for a fundraiser, and I suggested that the veterans whom I worked with be included as they are very supportive of the veterans who are coming home now. So if anyone wants to come out and support this great event - please do!

I am also reading on January 18th in downtown New Haven in the Mermaid Room of the Anchor Bar. I believe that starts at 7:00. So anyone wanting to come to New Haven we can perhaps go have dinner afterwards!

Finally, I met with the director of the New Haven Vet center in West Haven Ct and I am putting together another writing workshop. This one will be open to veterans, and their immediate families. That includes spouses, children, siblings, and parents. We hope to start on Wednesday, November 18 and run for 5 weeks. If all goes well, I will restart it after the first of the year.

As I said - all good things!!!!!!

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