Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lovecraft Unbound

I'm very excited to have a story in Lovecraft Unbound, which will be out, officially, next week, but which is in stock at and probably on some bookstore shelves already.

Lovecraft is one of my favorite writers and though long dismissed as a pulp hack has recently gotten the star treatment. Penguin Classics has issued a number of collections of his short fiction and a few years ago many of his stories were collected in a Library of America edition.

Lovecraft Unbound continues the trend of literary "legitimization", which if one looked at the current issue of The Writer's Chronicle and Debra Spark's nasty little missive, is apparently still an issue. In addition to "genre" writers such as Caitlin Kiernan and Laird Barron (both of whom would probably object to the classification on some level), the anthology contains Lovecraftian stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Brian Evenson, and Michael Chabon.

My own piece, which is in the "hot spot" at the very end of the book, is a Lovecraft/Carver mash-up called "That of Which We Speak When We Speak of the Unspeakable." It was fun to write and publish, and it's not as though anyone was soliciting me to submit to a Raymond Carver tribute anthology!

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DLowe said...

Nice going, Nick! You're rockin'.