Friday, December 04, 2009


Dear MFAers,

Thank you all for your patience and your efforts as we make this transition to online registration. We're all learning a new process, and that includes the Registrar's office. We're learning that there are a few things about our program that the registration system is not equipped to handle.

One of those things is that thesis students are not able to register for more than one section of the thesis course online. This is due to a setting that restricts students from taking the same course twice in the same semester (which makes sense for most programs but must be over-ridden manually for us). So if you are a thesis student, we will be reverting to the old registration system--that is, I will send your registration to Grad Studies, they will enter it for you, and you'll get a bill in the mail or at the residency.

Everyone else, please proceed with registering online. I would like to ask you to do us a HUGE favor and please complete your registration by the end of the day on the 8th. I know we said you'd have until the 9th, but completing registration by the end of the 8th will make everything go more smoothly for all of us. So, please, if at all possible...

Also, if you do have problems with your registration, please contact Laurel. DO NOT contact University Computing directly; they're flooded with calls right now due to university-wide registration.

Thanks again for hanging in there through this. The residency schedule and the online form for selecting your residency workshops will be up early next week.

Have a great weekend...


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