Friday, January 22, 2010

Change to Blackboard Login

Login procedure for Blackboard has changed--you no longer use your Banner password to log in; you must use your Windows ID and Windows passworld. However, you must still use your Banner ID to log in to WestConnduit, if you use that path to get to the Blackboard login. Please see the message below from University Computing:

Blackboard Vista is again available and has been successfully re-configured to use your Windows username and password to log in.

You can no longer use your WestConnduit username and six-digit PIN for Blackboard Vista.

REMINDER: If you enter the wrong password for Blackboard Vista four times in a row, it will lock your Windows account for fifteen minutes. For faculty and staff, this will also lock your email for fifteen minutes.

A new web form will be available by 4:30 pm today at where you can change your Windows password even if you do not remember your current password. If your account has been locked out from too many failed log in attempts, changing your password through this form will unlock your account. You must have a WestConn email account (ConnectMail for students) before you can change your password. You will be asked for your Banner 8-digit ID (can be found from the Banner tab in WestConnduit), date of birth (DOB), last 4-digits of you SSN, and home zip code to verify your identity before you can change your password.

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