Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Good News

I'm excited to share that I'm now serving as the Managing Editor of Thin Threads, a book series about life changing moments put out by Kiwi Publishing. I'll be overseeing the manuscript selection process, helping to maximize the story collection process, and providing editing/revising for selected work. This, of course, is another hat I am wearing these days along with writer, teacher, consultant, speaker, and coach! I'm looking forward to learning a lot and contributing a lot during the partnership.

Kiwi Publishing is also publishing my anthology of women writers this spring! A sigh of relief as I won't have to solely manage the self-publishing process - more a fear of time constraints versus the task - but most importantly I feel my book is in good hands. I'm actually going to have a printed book! I am psyched.

Please know that Thin Threads is a great opportunity to get a publishing credit. Submission guidelines can be found on the website A permission fee of $100 is paid to the writer if accepted. There is a writing contest going on right now - $500 to the writer, $500 to their favorite charity. Details are also on the website.

As always, I hope as an MFA alumn (and currently WestConn writing instructor!) that the forward momentum in my writing career can also benefit others and vice versa.

Happy new year!


B. Clements said...

That's great, Anne! What a huge relief to have a publisher for the anthology and not to have to do it all yourself. Congrats and good luck!

DLowe said...

Another hat to wear! Good going, Anne.

Gwen Jones said...

You're on a roll, Anne! Best of luck!

Fletcher Dean said...

Nice job, Anne!