Tuesday, April 20, 2010

August Residency RSVP

Greetings to all returning and first-time MFA students. Please email us back with your responses to the following 3 questions:

1. Do you plan to register for courses for Fall 2010?

2. Do you plan to attend the August residency?

3. Do you plan to stay at the residency hotel? (The Maron Hotel)


MAP said...

yes to all

MAP said...
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Elizabeth Ferris said...

1. Alas no, unless you've suddenly sprouted a phD program... could you???
2. Mayhap. Unless I get abducted by Arabian traders or get trapped in quicksand.
3. Probably not. Unless I get wasted.


Sam Smith said...

Jim Forman said Yes to all 3.

Pro VK said...

Laurel and Brian

1. Yes, I'm registering for classes - but will not be able to do so until Aug 15, owe money to WCSU

2. No I'm not planning on attending residency. I may be able to come for select public events or evening readings but the course I work at is right in the middle of Club Championship that week

3. Hotel NOT necessary



Ang said...

Yes to all three.