Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thesis Binders

Any graduates have extra thesis binders they'd be willing to sell? I'm trying to get out of buying a pkg of 6 online and I live in Nebraska ...



Lisa Miller said...


I haven't bought mine yet, but I definitely don't want to get six! I wonder if there's a way we can split them up between us (even though that still leaves each of us with an extra, and we don't live near each other.) Thoughts?


scribbler_kate said...

Apparently the campus bookstore sells them individually, for a slightly higher price than what you can get online. AT this point I think I am going to just have a friend pick up 2 for me and ship them. I do know of some others, though, who would probably be willing to go in w/ you on a packet of six, if you want to go the cheaper route. Why don't you email me if you're interested. Hope you are well!