Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Email Policy

If you were not at the residency you probably haven't heard yet about the new email policy. Starting immediately, all MFA email communication (including your syllabus approvals/change requests) will be directed to your WestConn email account.

FACULTY: Laurel will be sending out instructions on how to activate your WestConn email account, if you haven't already. You will use the same login ID and password for your email account and to log in to Banner to enter grades. Laurel WILL NOT be entering grades for you any more, so you will need to keep your account active. The password expires every 60 days, but you can reset it online. Laurel will send instructions for that.

STUDENTS: We will no longer keep track of non-WestConn email addresses, so all email from Laurel, from me, and from Holly will go to your WestConn email account. If you do not have a WestConn email account, contact Laurel and she will help you get set up. If you email us from a non-WCSU email address and we receive it, our response will go to your WCSU email address.

As always, we will use the blog for public information. But in cases where we need to contact individuals directly, we will be using your WestConn email address; so please get it up and running soon, and check it periodically.

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