Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smart New Venture

Dear writers,

I’m writing to announce that One by One Press is officially up and running and that we are now accepting submissions through September 30th.

One by One is a new poetry journal inspired by the spirit of stolen moments and our undying love of tactile imprints. It’s quite different from most journals in that it’s unbound and spread out over time - subscribers will receive a single letterpressed poem in the mail, every other week or so throughout the year. We’re moved to make the walk back from the mailbox to be the best part of our readers’ days, and to help create deeper and more meaningful reception for standalone poems. (Those whose poems we print will also be the subject of features on our press blog in which they can speak to their process, sources of inspiration, and other issues of significance to the sustaining of their work: we aim to make that conversation as visible as the finished work itself.)

We’ll be reading from August 1 – September 30, 2010 for a first batch of poems that will go into production later this fall and start finding mailboxes on 1/1/11. We’re looking for poems that will thrill and awaken our readers as singular pieces. Submission information is available on our website,

This project has been long in the making, and we’re incredibly excited to open the gates and welcome the poems that want to find us. If you like the sound of what we’re doing, please give us a hand by spreading the word to other poets and friends of poetry you know. Everyone’s invited!

All best
Rae Gouirand
Editor, One by One

(on Facebook: One by One Press)

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