Friday, January 14, 2011

Query: Enrichment Project

Hello everyone!

I'm currently struggling with ideas for the enrichment project, and was wondering if I could ask those of you who have already completed this project for help?

Simply: What was your project?
I have a few ideas for my own, and insofar, they have less and less to do with writing as I continue to mull everything over...

I sincerely appreciate any assistance on this. I've spoken with Holly about the purpose of this project and I understand it (I think); I'd just like some more examples than the few given on the MFA website.



Jane K. Cleland said...

I did the underwater photography project, presenting it this past residency. My recommendation would be to learn something that is, in fact, unrelated to writing and challenge yourself to analyze how that new knowledge about whatever it is can inform your writing.

To my surprise, for instance, I learned many, many things that will be very helpful to my writing, not least of which is that I gravitate toward blue fish. From a writing perspective, I need to be careful to focus on the emotional truth of a situation, and avoid being biased by my personal preferences.

MJ said...

Thanks for answering Jane. Some of my options are extremely well-related, like translating Japanese poetry into English, or trying my hand at MMA fighting which has little to do with writing but IS something I've, for some reason, always wanted to do (but would help move along the fight club KJ and I want to start, right?)...

William Friskey said...

Is this a female only fight club?

andrew alexander said...

Hey Marj,
Tried to write you at your .psu email but got tossed.
write me, i've got a couple of ideas for you, clean ones.

andrew alexander said...

Hey Marj,why not visit museums and art galleries, study the paintings and sculpture and see how other artists put their "poetry" together. ciao, Andy