Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"The People's Republic of Everywhere and Everything" in WEST COAST CRIME WAVE

Even two years ago, I would have never bothered submitting to an electric anthology. Ebooks had no market, and thus ebook markets didn't pay for short fiction. But with the widespread adoption of ebook readers, we're seeing some new publishers actually willing to pay in advance. Short crime fiction, like crime itself, often doesn't pay either, but West Coast Crime Wave did. Now that I'm living in Berkeley, CA I had the perfect setting.

My story, "The People's Republic of Everywhere and Everything" is about revolutionary politics, Internet memes, quantum computing, and Cotard delusion. The book itself is available on Kindle right now for a mere $3.99, and will hit Nook et al later this week. Unfortunately, there's no way to put an ebook on one's brag shelf, but I did find something to brag about in the introduction to the book by genius crime writer Ken Bruen:

I'll take that!


DLowe said...

Nice, Nick!

Brian Thiem said...


Having worked in Oakland for 25 years, I know the People's Republic of Bezerkeley all too well. What a setting for this kind of fiction.