Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Books for OMGW in Spring

Those of you who will be in my OMGW in the spring (which is third and fourth semester students--first and second semester students will have Holly Azevedo) will have the option of reading one of these four books for your first assignment in the semester:

On Moral Fiction, John Gardner
The Art of Recklessness, Dean Young (on poetry)
The Memoir Project, Marion Roach Smith
How to Write a Sentence, Stanley Fish

You do NOT have to choose the book that most closely corresponds to your own genre--you may do any of the four, regardless of your primary or secondary genre. If you were in my OMGW this semester, you may not do the Fish book again.

As usual, there will be meetings scheduled at the residency for you to meet with your OMGW instructor. The schedule should be posted next week, as well as the workshop selections.


Brian Clements said...

p.s. I am not ordering these books through the campus bookstore--you should purchase or check out a copy via your preferred source.

Caro said...

How could you deny us the privilege of re-reading Fish??

Brian Clements said...

Do you really want to, Carolyn? Hmm... smells a little... fishy...