Tuesday, November 01, 2011

New Writing Site

Hi friends,

In the interest of doing everything I can think of to promote (you know that word "marketing" that we all hate?), I am happy for the opportunity to share my new Wordpress site with you here. I hope it will be an interactive place where you can find news about my latest work/accomplishments, be fed some inspiration through writing prompts and questions, and most importantly, share and follow along on the beautiful, messy journey of a writer's life. You can check it out at www.katemeadows.wordpress.com. If you "follow" me, I will be sure to follow you. You can also "Like" my Facebook page, Kate Meadows Writing and Editing, if you want. Thanks so much to all who have already supported this endeavor. One of the best things about an MFA program is those unbreakable connections you make, connections that can last for years if you want them to. Cheers.


Brian Clements said...

Good luck, Kate!

scribbler_kate said...

Thanks! Will post publication news up there as it becomes more "public." Am seriously wondering why I attended an MFA program so far away from home, as now I see much cool stuff going on there, and I am so far away I can't get to anything! Grrr. Hope all is well, and that power has been restored.