Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Residency Workshop Signups

Please visit this link


to sign up for your residency workshops. The workshop descriptions will indicate the advance work (if any) and instructions on what to bring. We have included bios for the workshop leaders this time, per your request. Please take note of deadlines in the descriptions, as well as this one: deadline for workshop signups is Dec. 15. If you have not signed up by the 15th, you will be assigned to workshops.

Workshops fill up quickly sometimes, so sign up soon!

Also, note that we are going to need 3 student stories for the Haigh class. If you have any short stories on hand, please send them along!


MJ said...

I love the end of your description Brian... It's so true >.<

David T Griffith said...

Thanks Brian, I just signed up. Will we be receiving a confirmation?