Thursday, December 29, 2011

Social Media Peer Workshop at January Residency

Hi All,

I thought I should check in to gauge interest in this workshop. I led an impromptu peer workshop on this subject back in August, for which I received some enthusiastic feedback, so we are doing it again with a little more formality and planning.

The approach for this workshop is to help writers enter the social media world – set up online identities, review basic etiquette, build awareness of resources, and so on. We will not delve into more advanced topics like metrics, analytics, SEO, Klout scores, or anything of the like – unless you have a dying need to focus on numbers over content. It is worth noting, however, that good content leads to good metrics (aka the number of visitors reading your stuff).

Please comment here if you plan to attend and mention any specific subjects you are interested in tackling together. This will be a hands-on peer workshop, not a speaking presentation with PowerPoint slides.

This peer workshop will take place on Wednesday, 2:30 – 4:00, in WS241.



amcannon said...

I missed this workshop the last time and hoped it would be offered again. I would definitely attend it.

Ian_from_CT said...
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Ian_from_CT said...

I'll be there!

David Griffith said...

Cool! Looks like three attendees so far, including Lauren Gallo who confirmed via Twitter.

debra said...

I want to attend.