Saturday, June 04, 2005

Enrichment Projects

Discussion seems a bit slow getting started here, so, with deference to Carmen's excellent attempt, might I suggest a topic? There's been a lot of email coming through my Inbox about the enrichment projects. I suggest that you all talk a bit about your ideas, some of which have been excellent already. We're going to be asking everyone to write something up at the residency (or bring something written up) about your project. Perhaps this disucssion will help some of you who are having trouble deciding.


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Dave said...

As of this moment, I haven’t decided on an enrichment program. The foreign language option seems to be the most straightforward because I am currently learning Spanish from Pimsleur’s speak and read series. Would I then have to attend a Spanish class at Western or is there some kind of “We will drop in off in Mexico, and if you survive long enough to cross the border into California you get an A” We can do a reality show called “Blancos cross the boarder.”
I also preach every few months at my church would that count for something? Exegesis ain’t easy you know.
Also I would be interested in examining and perhaps writing something regarding the mastery of English grammar.
Any ideas or feedback?