Sunday, June 19, 2005

Greetings within the blog

Greetings all. Wow, it's interesting to get to know this class from a blog. Seems like such a contemporary, techie thing to be doing!

Truth is, I'm really into the whole blog thing. I've been around a while - I'm in my 40's and held a few leadership positions managing global communications in a fortune 50 company for about a decade - so when I started, there was no email and we faxed memos with long distribution lists on cover pages to get the word out! Yes, it's true. I'm from the dark ages! So as I've evolved with technology - first email, then websites, now blogs - I find it absolutely fascinating how the communication process has evolved. Translation: this is really cool stuff!

What am I doing here then? I searched a long time for a master's program that met my "real" future goals - which is to become an authentic, published writer and speaker - for me. I love writing. I'm passionate about it. Enough to have made a BIG leap to leave my company, join another one with a great role but without 80-90 hour weeks and constant travel so I could balance job, school and raising an adorable 4-year old and 7-year old in order to fulfill my dream. Some days I think I'm crazy, but I've got a lot of great support out there.

I'm really interested to hear what others are doing for their enrichment projects. I have a few ideas, but want to make sure that it truly will match with my future goals.

As for the lottery, that's easy . I would quit my job, move into my home office, and write, write, write...and on the side, open an exclusive day spa! Not like I haven't given it much thought or anything :)

Look forward to meeting everyone.

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donald said...

hi... you can see a bit about me on my little blog writeup thingee... I seek to design and present a course for parents and kids re: the challenge of alcohol and drug abuse in college, having been there myself, and being somewhat aware...

this negative side, i fear, is hidden quite intentionally...and not discussed much, at least openly and between generations...

i'm impressed with your background and the courage you show in your career moves.....sounds to me like you have chosen the right course at the right time with the right people.... I wish you the very best and will help any way i can , if i can....

i did some more or less exemplary corporate communications too, mainly at the state level here in Connecticut but also in conjunction with national organizations. It was fun, and sometimes fulfilling.