Thursday, March 27, 2008


Revista Mancha… is accepting submissions for its 2008 volume. Its deadline is May 30th, 2008. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Previously published work will be considered.

Revista Mancha... publishes the unlimited possibilities (traditional to experimental) of fiction, poetry, essay, memoir, mixed genres, comics and graphic short stories, book and film reviews and critical essays in both Spanish and English idioms as well as Spanglish. Art includes photography and digital graphics. For the 2008 issue we are accepting film, hypertext fiction/memoir, e-poetry, musical compositions and any other work that might as yet be undefined to be included in Mancha… on an additional DVD.

Revista Mancha... is not only interested in the polished professional writer but also seeks to create a platform for unpublished writers/artists.

In order to receive the submission guidelines as well as notices regarding news, events, and updates, email - Editor -

Art, film, hypertext, musical composition queries contact Melvin López,, or René Peréz Martínez,

Revista Mancha… is published annually by Mancha de Plátano, Inc., a not-for-profit, philanthropic, arts and culture organization legally sanctioned by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and dedicated to developing and supporting a diverse, cross-generational,

cross-genre, cross-cultural literary and arts community in Puerto Rico.

For a copy of Mancha… forward a $12.00 money order or check made out to Mancha de Plátano, Inc. at PO Box 5844, Mayaqüez, PR 00681



This is the bilingual magazine publsihed by Sonja Mongar (and others). She is the WestCONN contact in Puerto Rico for the upcoming winter residencies there. Perhaps Brian has a copy of the magazine so you can see it. Very cool.

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