Monday, March 31, 2008

"The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft" in ChiZine, w/ Tim Pratt

In the spirit of Robert Bloch's "The Man Who Collected Poe" and Kim Newman's "The Man Who Collected Barker," my friend Tim and I collaborated on a story that was just published in the latest issue of the online journal ChiZine. Check it out:

The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft

Chizine is a great magazine, by the way. It's been around since 2000 (a dog's age in Internet time), pays 7¢ a word, and has these wonderfully brief submission guidelines for fiction: Dark. Well-written. 4000 words or less. (They pay ten bucks for poetry.)

My collaborator Tim Pratt won the Hugo award for his short story Impossible Dreams last year, and in 2005 had a story selected for Best American Short Stories. (Michael Chabon was editor that year, thus the momentary respite from decades of lockstep bourgeois realism in that prestigious series.) For a complex of marketing and demographic reasons, Tim also writes urban fantasy novels under the gender-neutral pseudonym T. A. Pratt.

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carmen said...

Love the "wonderfully brief submission guidelines" statement. Wouldn't it be nice if clarity and brevity were honored more often??