Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great News from Publisher's Weekly

Most of you will recall Daniel Asa Rose's thrilling talk at the January residency about his recent visit to China and the book that will come out of it. Newly posted on PW:

Rose Goes to Morrow

Morrow executive editor Henry Ferris prevailed over three other bidders for a new book by Daniel Asa Rose called Larry’s Kidney: (Being the Story of) How I Found Myself in China with My Black Sheep Cousin and His Mail Order Bride, Breaking Chinese Law to Get Him a Transplant—and Save His Life. Jennifer Joel at ICM sold North American rights. This wild romp conveyed by the book’s subtitle also includes some serious undertones about organ transplants in foreign countries, as well as the bonding that occurs between the author and his cousin, who Ferris describes as an amazingly outsized character. Coincidentally, Ferris received a kidney transplant eight years ago. Rose’s last book, Hiding Places, was published by S&S in 2000. Morrow’s pub date is sometime in 2009.

Daniel says: "Thanks to everyone who heard me out at the residency. You all were there when I was figuring it out on stage that day, and your questions really helped focus me. Then later, Don and I had a workout session in the motel and he magically directed me to see what it was I had by the tail. If that’s the kind of brilliance he brings to his students (and I know it is), you’ve got one hell of a teacher there. This school rocks."

Daniel, YOU ROCK! How lucky of us not only to have Don, but to have you in the program, too. Congratulations--we can't wait to read the book.


Ron Samul said...

Congrats to Dan - and thanks for allowing us into the inner workings of your process, your feelings, and your life as a writer. It is a compelling and meaningful resource and inspiration to this writer.


ACW said...

Daniel - You've shared with us the craft of writing. I am so thrilled that your latest success is shared here with us, too! Writing I have learned is a process that involves words, paragraphs, people, relationships, creativity flows, blocks, and a gamut of other assorted things. Thanks for giving us a multidimensional view into this "rockin'" world.

Laura H said...

What a terrific piece of news about a gifted writer and teacher. It's inspiring to know that Dan gains from picking his students' brains as much as we gain from picking his.

NM said...

Looking forward to it!

DLowe said...

Excellent, Dan. Such a special story to fall in such gifted hands. Can't wait to read it! And I'd like to echo your thoughts on Don S. as he's been so very kind and helpful to me throughout this MFA program.
Best Wishes,
Don Lowe

EBK said...

Daniel: I am excited to hear that your incredibly gifted way of seeing and writing about the world is once again being acknowledged. I hope you'll continue to remain devoted to WestConn during this new creative writing period.
Best wishes--

Kathy said...

Fantastic news! There is so much rich material in this book, I don't see how it can't be a great success. Congratulations!