Friday, August 22, 2008

January, Danbury

Folks, this is the final word on the January residency--in the wake of the recent flurry of interest from the administration, I can now report that we are confirmed to be in Danbury for the January residency.


Elizabeth Ferris said...

SIgh, ok, but party in my room, I'll bring the pancake griddle and Aunt Jemimah... I'm thinking midnight breakfast on New Years! (But I'm NOT a pretty person in the winter sans sunlight and warmth...) Oooooo which means we should throw a beach party that night! Luau with towels and crank up the heat and reggae music, hahaha!

Mark Ferry said...

Btw - the Maron says they should be able to give you those rooms for $59 - just call them at 791-2200 and ask for John Brown - i don't know if wcsu has tax exemptions for room tax - if so that may be something to handle in the negotiations.