Friday, August 15, 2008

Stranger than Fiction

Anyone who was in my “Crossing the Imagination” workshop might be interested in reading the essay Consolation Prizes by Chuck Palahniuk from his collected essays titled Stranger than Fiction. He talks about how his success in writing creating, writing, and eventually seeing his work Fight Club as a film has gone from fiction to a reality that he has viewed with mixed emotions. Anyone familiar with the film can understand that people are constantly asking Chuck where the local fight clubs are and they give him free food all the time.

He also suggests that now that it has been a successful film, it isn’t his work anymore, but a collaborative with Ed Norton, Brad Pitt, and the David Fincher.

I am hoping to use this essay for my undergrads to explain how the essay can reveal some fascinating things about your life and even reveal something you didn’t know before. And (without spoiling it) his explanation about his father and their relationship in that essay is vivid and touching. I wish I came across it a week ago. Please check it out if your interested in those concepts in the workshop.

We create fiction as it relates to truth, and sometimes it comes about in ways we never imagined. Thanks to everyone for their ideas, their great spontaneous writing, and your professionalism as writers and creators.

Be well
Ron Samul

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