Monday, October 25, 2010

Calling all (prose) Poets!

Hey all you (prose) poets:

I recently had a couple of prose poems accepted for a new anthology forthcoming in 2011 published by Equinox Publishing. This is called,

[ISBN 978-0-9845659-1-7; $19.95; PUBLICATION DATE: 2011]

They are STILL looking for submissions so this is your chance to find yourself in an anthology! Submit now. They are accepting until the end of December. While they appear to be looking for a particular type of prose poem--see the link in the title of this post--I think they are fairly open to whatever you produce...

Give it a shot. What's the worst that can happen?

Good luck!


Caro said...

Hey Eric,

Congratulations! Are all the prose poems in this book fake classified ads?



E.K. Mortenson said...

click on the title of my post and it will take you to the submission page. it "sort of" shows what they are looking for. they are "sort of" meant to be in the style of a classified ad, but they are more looking for the "spirit" of the law than the "letter." i'm not totally sure they are real zealots for the spirit even. just send some good prose poems...

if you email me, i can send you my pieces and you can get a flavor for it.