Monday, February 21, 2011



While the realization of my project may take more than our lifetimes, it requires some primary attention while we are active and not being eaten by worms.

I hope to organize and help institute a Graduate library here at WCSU, based on the combined curriculum that we, our predecessors, our mentors and our alumnae have engaged in the several years of the program and the several more years to come.

The reason I chose this project need not be fleshed out here; I hope to present either at this summer or at next winter's residency.

In the main...what I am looking for is a bibliography, a list of all the printed material (even if you encountered the work on-line) you have used in your time in the MFA program and its 60 credits. If you have engaged something to help your complete your Masters of Fine Arts, I ask that you include it in such a list.

If you read Tolstoy - put it in your list, if you read the Harry Potter books put it on your list. If you can recall, inventory and/or locate the scholarly article tying together Tolstoy and Rowling...put it on your list.

From such a list, I hope to make an inventory of all the material and use this as a basis for developing a permanent collection, a Graduate library.

The first step to aid in this project is for each individual within the sight of these keystrokes to start preparing such a list.

No rush, no hurry as this project will definitely be a multi-year long-term effort that will be touched by many hands, but if you can prep somethign for the end of sumemr residency (early August) it will aid my compilation and possible inventory - so we can just get a bird's eye look at how many volumes will start thsi collection...500? 1000? 2000? 3000? I realize no one has the free time, but it is the kidn of activity that could take less than 3 hours to recall and transmit into a list. If you are able to go a step farther and create a true MLA bibliographic entry, the more you will have my thanks.

Also do not be shy about mentioning/listing annex or supplementary works that you think have value but weren't a discret part of your curriculae.

This message is intended for ALL members of our program: professors, mentors, graduates, current students, former students, writers-in-residence.

You may reply to me anytime between now and August residency at and please title your subject line: "Graduate Library"

Thank you for your attention.



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David Holub said...

Just wanted to remind grads and thesis students about the comprehensive bibliographies we have to do anyway for our thesis. This should make shoveling the book info VK's way quite easy.