Thursday, March 24, 2011

For your Perusal

Some of you might recall that my poem, "Finding Janus. . .," was accepted for publication in the Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle last summerWell, the issue has finally come out!  Follow the link if you'd like to read it (click the title of this post).  Questions and comments are always welcome.  It has certain parts in Japanese that I can translate for you if they aren't clear by the context :]  Footnotes were a part of the original submission; I figure the editing staff probably decided to not include it (poem's quite long on its own).



William Friskey said...

Big time yay! Congrats!

MJ said...

Thanks! It took so long to come out, it's almost anticlimactic, haha.

Caro said...

so beautiful Marj! Congrats.

"Nevermind her bulbous belly,
manicured toes, or the uneven lipstick line on the bottle’s
head—she’s pure, cloaked in the white memory of the dead."


Holly Azevedo said...

Congratulations, Marj!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm not surprised! :)

MJ said...

Aw shucks ;p Thanks guys!