Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo-essay in

I'm very excited to have a photo-essay in the new issue of A Journal of the Built and Natural Environments, which explores in this issue the theme of "Entropy." Some of you will remember my attempts to write about Dorchester County in made up one essay in my thesis collection, and I also did a photo-essay on it for my enrichment project. Since then I've gathered more material for the project and kept working on it, and I think this version and the medium of the photo-essay finally suit the subject matter much better than anything I tried to write before. Though this version is quite different, it also goes to show that enrichment projects do pay off!

You can click above to follow the link. The journal is entirely online. Mine is "Makeshift World..." in the Essay section.

Some other good news--I recently got a poem accepted by Orion, the literary-quality magazine of "nature/culture/place."



Laura H said...

You're right. The photo/essay combination works beautifully in this. I love the way you raise questions throughout the piece. Part of Dorchester's beauty for me is that it is just plugging along through tough times.

Kateri said...

Thanks, Laura. And for your encouragement on that piece early on!

Alexis said...

It's beautiful, Kateri. Way to go!

scribbler_kate said...

Kateri, you're such an inspiration. All these places in which your work is getting accepted are places where my work is right now under consideration. It's like we're following the same trajectory. It's both inspiring and sort of intimidating to know someone who is pursuing these journals, and finding success with them. Congratulations!

Holly Azevedo said...

Hello, Kateri,
I remember your earlier essay. Wonderful photos here. Congratulations!

andrew alexander said...

I'm still feeling those poor birds eggs getting smashed. Congratulations on another one. Andy