Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Agents and Editors at August Residency

Agents Cristina Concepcion (Don Congdon) and Gina Panettieri (Talcot Notch) and editors Mark Doten (Soho Press) and David Hartwell (Tor Books) will join us at the August residency. Their panel will speak with you about the current state of publishing, followed by the usual individual meetings with students.

If you are interested in meeting with one of the agents or editors, please let me know as soon as possible by email to clementsb@wcsu.edu. Priority goes to 1) 2010-11 graduates, 2) Fall 2011 thesis students, 3) Spring 2012 thesis students. If there are any slots available thereafter, they may be assigned to other graduates and current students on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please email me ASAP to indicate your interest in a meeting and whether you have a prefered agent or editor to meet, then send me a one-page proposal letter and a sample of no longer than 10 pages by noon on July 11. If I have not received your proposal by July 11, your slot will be assigned to someone else.

Please note than I cannot guarantee everyone will get their first choice of agent/editor meeting, so I suggest ranking them.

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Brian Clements said...

There was an error in my email address in the original post--posting this comment to make those of you who read posts via email rather than on the blog itself aware of the error. Correct address is clementsb@wcsu.edu