Friday, June 10, 2011

Residency Hotel Information

Here's the info on several hotels/motels in the area. The following are quotes for group rates, for a block of 10 to 15 rooms. Unfortunately, I will not be able to coordinate reservations for room blocks as I have in years past, so you would need to talk amongst yourselves and determine if you can get together 10 or 15 people who would like to be in the group. Then, if you email me the names, I'll be happy to call that particular hotel with your names and thereby secure the quoted rate.

You would need to get this info to me no later than July 8th.

Here are the names of the hotels and the group rates quoted to me:

Super 8 Motel
3 Lake Ave Ext
Danbury CT 06811
866 599 8674
203 743 0064
$50 per nite (excluding taxes)

Ethan Allen Hotel
21 Lake Ave Ext
Danbury CT 06811
888 449 8043
203 744 1776
$79 per nite (excluding taxes)

Maron Hotel & Suites (where we stayed in January 2011)
42 Lake Ave Ext
Danbury CT 06811
866 257 5990
203 791 2200
$89 per nite (excluding taxes)

See you soon!


MJ said...

So, maybe people can mention where they'd like to stay here, in the comment section (so we can add it up)? Does anyone know if the Hotel 8 is reasonable, or if it's a bit on the "scary" side (if that's possible in CT, ha)?

Brian Clements said...

Yes, I think it would be a good idea for EVERYONE to post here about their accomodation plans so that, even if you're not making plans WITH anyone, there will be a clear sense of interest at particular hotels in order to get those rates.

I don't know much about the Super 8, MJ, but I hear it's not as nice as the Maron. The Ethan Allen is a nice hotel, but about 3/4 of a mile further from campus than the Maron (for newbies--it's a half-mile, UPHILL walk from the Maron to the campus center, where we hold most of the events).


William Friskey said...

I know it's not one of the ones Laurel listed, but I've stayed at the Hampton Inn for about the same price as the Maron and it's really nice and has free full breakfast with make-your-own-waffles. It's a little farther, but not too bad. Of course it doesn't have the tradition, suite-sized rooms, and memories of the Maron. (And I don't know about group rates or anything.) Just a thought.

Laura H said...

I'm partial to the Maron. It's reasonable, the closest to campus and DOG FRIENDLY :)

Claudine D'Angelo-Dotzman said...

Rates for the Maron are lower if you book via I just checked rates this past Friday and they were $72/per night.

MJ said...

Nice, thanks Claudine. I'm partial to the Maron too...

Joe said...

This will be my first residency, so count me in with the sheep that follow the crowd. I'm all for spending a couple more bucks for a nicer hotel since it will be a week, but convenience is important. I assume we won't need a car; everything needed to survive is close? Any recommendations on which airport to fly into? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Maron is $67 via Expedia. Also, are the readings going to be held primarily @ the Maron?

Anonymous said...

Joe, re: airport Bradley or JFK works. Car is actually still probably nice to have, but you can easily hitch a ride with someone. Maron is probably the best bet.

Brian Clements said...

We're looking into why the Maron has quoted us a higher price than they're offering online. If you can get Maron for about $70, I'd go ahead and book it.

All MFA events will be on Westside campus at the August residency.

Brian Clements said...

Joe, if you're flying in you might want to look into a cheap car rental. The shuttles (such as CT Limo, which is NOT a limo...) both ways can cost as much as renting a car, if you can find a good deal. And, as I said before, it is not an easy walk up the hill from the hotel (especially in rain). Perhaps others would be interested in sharing a car (which might require coordinating arrival times)?

Brian Clements said...

Also, Westchester is the closest airport, but not always easy to find a flight there. Bradley is next closest, then LaGuardia, and I highly recommend using Bradley over Laguardia. JFK and Newark are only slightly further than LaGuardia.

Joe said...

Thanks, Brian and Larissa! I'll snag a car and look at flights. I notice you said August 6th is a travel day; does that mean we're officially done on the 5th?

MJ said...

PS- If anyone flying into Bradley is renting a car. . .a certain someone needs a ride from the airport. . .I'm willing to contribute money towards the rental/taxi. Let me know!

DLowe said...

If you're choosing between Laguardia and JFK and Newark, choose Laguardia. Laguardia's -- an hour and seven minutes from Danbury. JFK is only 20 minutes longer usually, but the Van Wyck Expressway (generally a parking lot) can make it a considerably longer trip. Plus, it's a clumsy airport. Newark's a trek -- over 2 hours.
If you can, fly into Westchester. 40 minutes to Danbury though flights are limited and it's more expensive. But, a very easy airport. (Unless the weather's bad then you might get redirected.)