Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Longer, Longing, and Longer Longing

Hello all--I hope you're all not dying in the current heat!  I just wanted to leave a note to let you all know that my short, 3-sentence prose poem, "Longer, Longing, and Longer Longing," will be published in the upcoming issue of Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review.

Many, many thanks to Judy Jensen, the guest judge, whose feedback and attention truly changed my poem for the better.  And, of course, my sincerest gratitude to Joe Ahearn, my fabulous mentor, without whom I would not have gotten this poem published!  Also, thanks to Carolyn for a studious peer review :]

Edit: It's awful that it took so long for me to realize that I should've reproduced the poem for you all to read.  Here it is--enjoy!

Longer, Longing, and Longer Longing

           The longer I wait, the longer she stays away, the longer we drink, the longer we sleep in drowning. The longer we hold silence, the longer I kiss other woman, the longer she sits in chairs without rockers rocking. The longer the wait we wait, the further we drift into breaking seams of longing.


andrew alexander said...

Hey Marj,
Looks like you're doing this publishing stuff on a regular basis now! Wow! Congratulations, aj

Brian Clements said...

Most excellent.

Caro said...

hahaha no thank you for the slightly sarcastic thank you. Congrats again I truly LOVE that poem if I havent said it enough.

MJ said...

What--sarcasm--me? Inconceivable.

cy said...

Nice work--and congrats! cy

MJ said...

Aw, thanks Chris! Are you coming back to us? (I hope so. . .)