Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Important News on Tuition Waivers

The university, in consultation with the CSU System office, has reviewed the use of tuition waivers in the MFA program. Tuition waivers are applicable in cases where the student has been admitted to a program and there is "space available" in particular courses. It has been determined that individual mentorship courses do not meet the criteria for "space available", but that the online workshops do meet the criteria.

Therefore, as of the end of the Fall '11 semester, the university will no longer accept "space available" tuition waivers for the one-on-one mentorship courses but will accept them for the online workshops. This policy applies to Senior and Employee waivers, but does NOT apply to veteran waivers, which are not contingent upon space availability.

Again, this policy begins AFTER the end of Fall ’11; waivers will be honored for the Fall semester.

If you have concerns about the effect of this policy on your academic plan, please give me a call, 203-837-8876.

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