Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ride to the Rez

Hello MFAers!  I post today to humbly ask for a ride from the airport (Bradley).  I'd be more than willing to give a little money to anyone driving that way (rental/personal car).  Or, if anyone knows of a convenient train/bus line...?  Please let me know!  I appreciate any help from the locals~

PS- Renting my own car/renting a car service are not within my (limited) budget.  I also expect a taxi to be just as expensive an option. 


Jane K. Cleland said...

When do you arrive?

MJ said...

Saturday--Arrival day :] Around 6-7pm (if both flights go OK).

Laura H said...

I live a few miles from Bradley and was going to drive to the rez Saturday, July 30. I'll wait for your plane. You can call me when your plane lands and I'll pick you up on the arrival ramp.

MJ said...

Thank you Laura!!! I really hope my flights aren't late :]

M. Bail said...

I kinda need a ride too, but I'm coming in Monday afternoon so I know that'll be tough and nobody's gonna want to drive to NYC to come get me. But I'm throwing it out there just in case. Otherwise I'll just pay for a shuttle!