Thursday, September 15, 2011


I know those of you who are doing the Internship class this semester already have situations lined up, but someone among you might be interested in this opportunity just for the experience. I know many of you are interested in blogging as a tool for PR, branding, etc.

This opportunity came to me directly from Julie Braun at Super Interns. She is very eager to place MFA students in internships. I understand that Mike Gilday has already worked with SI, so I'm sure he can tell you what it's like working for their clients on virtual internships. If this particular internship doesn't interest you, but you want to see what else Julie has, contact her at or

Julie assures me that she gets "hundreds" of internship opportunities for writers--so keep her in mind if you need to line up an internship later... Info below.

Your Title: Writing and Blogger Extraordinaire (you will never be referred to as “the Intern”)

Company Information: is an online company providing fun activity and custom embroidered patches to Girl Guides, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Our vision is to become a one-stop resource center for all things Guiding/Scouting.

Internship Description: Research and write exciting, hands-on learning material and activities for kids based on specific themes such as Astronomy, Dinosaurs, Environmental Protection, Emergency Preparedness, Self Esteem, etc. After the project is complete we will complete a review and finalize by having you post your writings on our website. Finally, you will document the process of being a professional blogger.

Ideal Candidate: Seeking an enthusiastic writer-in-the-making who wants to learn how to be a professional blogger. Need to have the ability to learn, follow directions, communicate weekly by phone or Skype, work virtually and be organized. You will need a phone or computer with Skype. Having been or still a Girl Guide / Girl Scout / Boy Scout member is desirable but not necessary.

Benefits: These non-monetary benefits will help you go from where you are today to where you want to be. You will:

• Be a published author and have material to include in your future portfolio.
• Learn hands-on skills, gain experiences, and knowledge that you can’t get in a classroom.
• Receive free product from our website.
• Leave with a letter of recommendation and an amazing resume upon successful conclusion of your internship.
• Save time and money on commuting because this is a virtual internship.
• See the inner workings of a successful online business.
• Work directly with the CEO of the company.

Timeline: Start September 2011 - January 2012 (negotiable)

Compensation: Unpaid internship - academic credit will be arranged for anyone requiring it.

How to apply: Send your resume to

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