Thursday, September 15, 2011

Times/UN Course Opportunity

On September 26th, The New York Times Knowledge Network is launching an online journalism course with the United Nations designed to help Egyptian and Tunisian journalists learn how to cover the upcoming elections. The journalists will work directly with our newsroom to gain an understanding of election coverage; the course will be in both English and Arabic with an exciting mix of asynchronous and live sessions, fully online.

The initiative is funded through the UN. The New York Times will provide 50 free seats to AASCU graduate journalism students in the U.S. --- at no cost. This will in effect provide a front row seat to the first “Arab Spring”. Students will also learn quite a bit about journalism from The New York Times newsroom.

Below is the course outline. There is a limit of 3 graduate students per AASCU campus. The New York Times will also provide access for the faculty members of these students, whom we strongly encourage to participate.

To register, please contact Brian by email no later than Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 22nd.

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