Friday, September 23, 2011

The Writer's Room

New York Times bestselling author, Wendy Corsi Staub was my first guest in The Writer's Room, a new television series now being broadcast on Comcast in upstate New York. I'm thrilled to report that we've been invited to produce additional episodes. We'll be recording them this fall. Next up is another New York Times bestseller, Mary Jane Clark.

In this interview, Wendy was incredibly forthcoming. We discussed her writing process, how she juggles so many projects at one time (she writes three to five books a year, all excellent, and most of them bestsellers), and her suggestions for new authors as they navigate the road to publication. Here's the two links to the two parts of my interview with Wendy:




Brian Thiem said...

Congratulations on this new venture, Jane. Book author, playwrite, TV show host. What's next?

Derrick said...

Great stuff Jane!

Jane K. Cleland said...

Thanks, guys! And here's a nice write-up about it.

Laura B. Hayden said...

Enjoyed both segments.

David T Griffith said...

Congrats Jane! I finally got to see this for the first time.