Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Congratulations to Bob Kalm and Bumpspark

Bob Kalm's TV project, Bumpspark, has received support from the WestConn President's Initiative in the form of a grant of $5000. Bumspark is designed to explore how discovery lies within that diversity. It does this by reimagining an old format – the talk show. Instead of an interviewer and celebrity in a contrived studio with preplanned dialogue, Bumpspark* brings together two leading minds, always from completely different backgrounds, an astronaut and an anthropologist or a gene splicer and a jazz musician, to converse in stimulating, on-location settings. Recorded by documentary cinematographers with highly unobtrusive, High Definition digital video and audio technology, the audience eavesdrops on unpredictable, living conversations. They watch as two extraordinary people attempt to connect.

Congratulations and good luck, Bob!

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