Friday, February 22, 2008

"Holy Signifier, Batman!" in Batman Unauthorized

The latest of the "Smart Pop" series of fun books of pop-cultural criticism, Batman Unauthorized, is out this week and contains my essay "Holy Signifier, Batman!" Based on a paper I presented at last year's Popular Culture Association, conference, I basically just use Susan Sontag and Pop Art theories to insist that the 1960s TV show is better (or more likely to last) than the dark-n-gritty Batman currently in vogue.

Check it out if you like comics or art!

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DLowe said...

Both my sons, David and Connor, 20 and 13, will want this. Of special interest will be your essay as, based on your summary of it, they will be in total agreement with you. They own DVD's of every Batman TV episode that they can get their hands on despite all effort on my part to push Richard Ford and Denis Johnson on them.